Make a Difference

I think it is important for all of us to have a purpose driven life and to live out our passions and pursue our dreams.  I learned along the way that doing it just for the pursuit of financial gain is a very unsatisfying journey. I am committed to building a life where you do not have to separate your business, family, spiritual and community passions.

What you stand for should be an ever present part of how you live your life, who you live it with, what career decisions you make and how you spend your time, money and resources.

We live in a time of paradox, where on one side we are surrounded by incredible turmoil and unrest and on the other side we are empowered with access to more information, tools and technology than any other generation past. It is our choice what we decide to do with this incredible empowerment.  I chose to define my life by my Christian beliefs and  a strong passion for helping people build purpose driven business opportunities.

I support  These organizations featured below:

Tim Tebow Foundation:

I absolutely love what Tim Tebow is doing with his athletic platform to promote his Christian beliefs and help others. It is amazing and I support his efforts.


Tim With Kids

Tim Tebow has been very open about his faith and as a follower of Jesus Christ, has always expressed his gratitude to his Lord and Savior. His faith was the bedrock of his motivation for launching the Foundation. He has often expressed a clear desire that anyone who wants to work with him in helping to bring a brighter day to people, are welcome to partner with the organization.

Tim has consistently expressed his gratitude to God for the platform he was blessed with, which provides him with the tremendous opportunity to help others. His desire is to work in cooperation with a diverse group of leaders who want to make a difference in our society by helping those who are going through difficult times. He also seeks to partner with existing, effective organizations, that are already doing wonderful ministry work.


Throughout his collegiate career, Tim was known for the Bible verses he wore on his eye blacks during football games. One of his favorite verses is found in the New Testament in Paul’s letter to the Church in Philippi. In Philippians 4:8-9, the Apostle Paul writes, “whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anythingpraiseworthy – meditate on these things… and the God of peace will be with you.”

The leadership of the Tim Tebow Foundation aspires, on a personal level, to live up to these core values and to partner with organizations that also embody these important characteristics: truthful, noble, just, pure, lovely, good reports, virtuous and highly praised.

Unlike many other organizations, we pride ourselves in keeping our overhead costs as low as possible that way virtually every penny, of every dollar donated reaches the people that truly need it most. Together with your help, we will make a difference!

The story of charity: water – The 2009 September Campaign Trailer

From: charitywater | Goal: Providing Safe Drinking Water to a Million People !
In the past three years they have raised over $10 million from over 60,000 donors and helped over 700,000 people in 16 countries to get access to clean and safe drinking water.  As many of you know I have spent a good portion of my life in international markets and developing nations and the number one problem that many of these nations face is having access to clean, safe drinking water. It is at the core of so many problems that plague much of the world’s population. I support programs that are focused on solving some of these core global issues. watch the below video to get a sense of the challenge and the opportunity to make a difference:
The Invisible Children Story:
At Digitaria,  the interactive agency where I work we have the honor of working with a number of outstanding non-profits who are making a huge difference with the work that they do.  Invisible Children is one of the great cause marketing success stories that we like to share.  Through the great passion of the founders and supporters the program has generated millions to support their cause of helping displaced children in war torn Northern Uganda . Take a look at the following videos to get a sense of the great work they are doing and support their efforts if you can.
The Toms Shoes Story – The One-For-One Company

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes, talks about how the concept for TOMS Shoes was born.

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